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Opportunities for strategic plan

  • Ranking of universities globally and domestically, which has provided a new impetus for competitiveness and excellence, our goal is to remain Nigeria's top private university, rank within the first 5 in the country, and top 50 in Africa
  • Increased global attention to and funding of African universities as drivers of the actualization of MDGs , as reflected in such initiatives as the Blair Commission's blueprint for UK support to Africa, the joint MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations scheme for higher education in Africa, and the increased opportunities for competitive grants by USAID, EU, DfID, British Council
  • On-going education sector reforms in Nigeria, which make private sector participation and intervention key to attaining articulated goals of raising standards, producing well trained and entrepreneurial graduates, and growing universities into world beaters
  • Pursuit of MDGs and other international development projects translated into such national projects like Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, National Empowerment and Economic Development Strategy, National Action Project on HIV/AIDS
  • Continued national and international accreditation and certification of academic programmes
  • Increased interest in linkages with Nigerian universities by North American and European universities as well as linkages among African and Nigerian universities
  • Increased secondary school graduate population seeking placement for professional training in good universities

Constraints/Threats and overcoming them

  • Old rigidities and perception of private universities as profit-making institutions not deserving of subsidies and support by government(s) and international development partners. We see the argument of offering high quality and complementary public good in the higher education sector, increased productive collaboration with reputable local and foreign universities, and our proven competence and excellence in teaching and research as levers for countervailing the rigidities and perception.
  • Limited funding, which we expect to address through diversification of sources of funding and attraction of external grants.

The University has been working in collaboration with

Partner university: COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES            Partner university: COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES            Partner university: COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING            Partner university: COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES            Partner university: COLLEGE OF LAW            Partner university: COLLEGE OF NATURAL AND APPLIED SCIENCES            Partner university: COLLEGE OF PHARMACY