Transcript Application Process

Please follow the instructions below to apply for official copy of transcript:

  1. Pay the transcript processing fee. The fee paid for transcript processing depends on the destination where the transcript is to be delivered to, as well as the academic level, as described below:

    • Undergraduate transcript (i.e. for non-graduates)
      • Local destination address: #25,000 ($0)
      • International destination address: #50,000 ($0)

    • Postgraduate transcript
      • Local destination address: #12,500 ($0)
      • International destination address: #25,000 ($0)

  2. Payment details for transcript processing fee is as stated below:
    • Bank Name: Zenith Bank
    • Account Name: Igbinedion University Administrative Account
    • Account Number: 1011050158
  3. The transcript processing fee stated above is per destination. In effect, if transcript is to be sent to more than one destinations, the transcript processing fee should be paid in multiples of the required destination addresses.
  4. Fill the form below

Please note that transcripts are processed after confirming payment of transcript processing fee. Please forward further enquiries or complaints to any of the following contacts:

The University has been working in collaboration with

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